1. Who are you, what do you do and where do you do it?
I’m Bobmo, a dj from Bordeaux who lives in Paris, I play in differents cities every week since Institubes signed me.

2. Describe your sound in 12 words!
High powered club music influenced by chicago house, baltimore house or detroit techno from the 90’s

3. Which musician/music act did most significantly influence your music taste?
Todd terry, Dj Deeon

4. Blue pill or red pill?
no pill !

5. Which are your superpowers?

6. Which song should have been on every CD recorded for the loved one?
CLS – Can you feel it

7. Who is DJ Umek?
I don’t know this name… im going to listen on myspace!

8. Why do they put round pizza in a square box?
Square boxes are easier to make, ship and store flat. Round boxes typically have to be pre-made and are more bulky to transport. Circular pizza is easier to cut into slices. Also, if the pizza were square, it would look weird.

(I found this answer with google ^^

9. What do you do, when you are not occupied with music?
watching movies, hanging out with friends and sleeping!

10. Who is your favourite Game Over member?

11. Current top 4 for the dancefloor and top 3 for the car?
dancefloor :
Paul johnson – get get down
Strip steve – dancin
Duck sauce – anyway
Maurice – this is acid

animal collective – my girls
Three six mafia – ridin spinners
snoop doggy dogg – who am i

12. Last pearls of wisdom?

MSTRKRFT – Bounce (High Powered Boys Remix)

Bobmo – Turn The Cop Out

David Rubato – Institubes Express 999 (Bobmo Remix)

Photo: Maciek Pozoga

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