SMETNJAKOVIH 12: Napravi mi dete

1. Who are you, what do you do and where do you do it?
NAPRAVI MI DETE, our last name is Kesherović. We make music and invade stages. Everywhere.

2. Describe your sound in 12 words!
If there were twelve words describing the term “TRASH”, that’d be it.

3. Which musician/music act did most significantly influence your music taste?
M.I.A., Jarboli, Oliver Mandić, Dead Kennedys, Josipa Lisac, Clara Rockmore, Rachmaninoff and on and on and on.

4. Blue pill or red pill?
I’ll take Neo.

5. Which are your superpowers?
Growing up.

6. Which song should have been on every CD recorded for the loved one?
Hladna braća – Ljubi me na Ibici.

7. Who is Dj Umek?
Dj Humek is posing as me. The one that old school ravers love and nu ravers hate.

8. Why do they put round pizza in a square box?
“Nemoj da me gledaš tako, postaću besna.”
Next question.

9. What do you do, when you are not occupied with music?
Invade stages, make movies, take photos.

10. Who is your favourite Game Over member?

11. Current top 4 for the dancefloor and top 3 for the car?
Top 4 for both, a car can be a dancefloor, too.

Dancefloor top 4:
Rye Rye – Bang
Gordana Lana Adamov – Vanzemaljac
M.I.A. – Jimmy
Bellevue Boys Forever- Out of control

Car top 4:
Micachu – Turn me well
Dušan Jakšić – Ja sam simpatičan
Frank Zappa – What’s the ugliest part of your body?
Snoop Dogg – Sensual Seduction

12. Last pearls of wisdom?
Shame on a nigga who try to run game on a nigga

Napravi mi dete – Gorska

Napravi mi dete – Eksplozije u mojoj glavi

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