Brothers in hell-of-a-copters

Apokalipsa v francoščini kot spomin na Baudrillarda:
“/…/ tukaj je, strašno je, in lahko si rečemo: kako je takšna grozota sploh mogoča (ne vojna grozota, ampak filmska grozota). Sicer res ni odgovora, ni možne sodbe in lahko celo proslavimo to grozno reč (tako kot z Wagnerjem), vseeno pa lahko najdemo drobno idejo, ki ni zlobna, ki ni vrednostna sodba in ki vam pravi, da sta vietnamska vojna in film izklesana iz istega kamna, da ju nič ne ločuje, da je ta film del vojne – in če so Američani izgubili prvo (kot je videti), so pa dobili vsaj to. Apokalipsa zdaj je svetovna zmaga.”

Stockhausen on 9/11:
“Well, what happened there is, of course — now all of you must adjust your brains — the biggest work of art there has ever been. The fact that spirits achieve with one act something which we in music could never dream of, that people practise ten years madly, fanatically for a concert. And then die. And that is the greatest work of art that exists for the whole Cosmos. Just imagine what happened there. There are people who are so concentrated on this single performance, and then five thousand people are driven to Resurrection. In one moment. I couldn’t do that. Compared to that, we are nothing, as composers. /…/ It is a crime, you know of course, because the people did not agree to it. They did not come to the ‘concert’. That is obvious. And nobody had told them: ‘You could be killed in the process.’ What happened in spiritual terms, the leap out of security, out of what is usually taken for granted, out of life, that sometimes happens to a small extent in art, too, otherwise art is nothing.”

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