SMETNJAKOVIH 12: Polymorphic

1. Who are you, what do you do and where do you do it?
Im Polymorphic, Oleg for friends. At the moment I’m doing my brand new podcast for… secret hehe

2. Describe your sound in 12 words!
Banging, awesome, sick, hell, hot, rock, wow!, killer, bass, dope, womp, dirty

3. Which musician/music act did most significantly influence your music taste?
The Chemical Brothers

4. Blue pill or red pill?
Green! hehe

5. Which are your superpowers?
Yeah! I can fly… in my dreams)

6. Which song should have been on every CD recorded for the loved one?
Love Me Tender by Elvis Presley

7. Who is DJ Umek?
I don’t know))But perhaps it’s Dj Umek =)

8. Why do they put round pizza in a square box?
Coz you cann’t put square pizza in a round box!

9. What do you do, when you are not occupied with music?
Waste my time and spend my money somewhere..

10. Who is your favourite Game Over member?
I don’t know them

11. Current top 4 for the dancefloor and top 3 for the car?
1.Bart B More – Brap
2.Hey Today! – Strange (Polymorphic Remix)
3.HappyBoxx – Destroy It
4.Eclier – The Hole (Marseille Remix)

1.CHROMEO – Don’t Turn The Lights On (Noise Invaders Dub)
2.Deadmau5 & Wolfgang Gartner – Animal Rights
3.Carte Blanche – Gare Du Nord

12. Last pearls of wisdom?

Polymorphic – Toxication

Polymorphic – Technomusic (Polymorphic Trash remiks)

Seppuku Paradigm – Sure Thing (Polymorphic remiks)

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