1. Who are you, what do you do and where do you do it?
My name is Christopher but most call me SL. I do things in the UK that you shouldn’t do. Aside from being Batman I also mix music and sometimes run a radio called Junglistz.

2. Describe your sound in 12 words!
A big bowl of chocolate ice cream sprinkled with cinnamon and raisins

3. Which musician/music act did most significantly influence your music taste?
The Prodigy, Kniteforce Records & Renegade Hardware

4. Blue pill or red pill?

5. Which are your superpowers?
I can ride a camel with one hand, also I have been told my sense of smell is amazing

6. Which song should have been on every CD recorded for the loved one?
Prince – Kiss

7. Who is DJ Umek?
That’s the million dollar question

8. Why do they put round pizza in a square box?
So you don’t throw the box like a ninja at your friends face

9. What do you do, when you are not occupied with music?
Philosophise, drink green tea and look at green things through my brown eyes

10. Who is your favourite Game Over member?

11. Current top 4 for the dancefloor and top 3 for the car?
AMUS – Take The Plunge (Beat Mix)
Jubei – Alignment (Boddika Remix)
Blawan – Shader
Peverelist – Sun Dance

Loxy & Resound – Part Human
Big L – Platinum Plus
The Prodigy – Break & Enter

12. Last pearls of wisdom?
Treat others how you wish to be treated

The Prodigy – Break and Enter

SL – 2Juicy 140

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