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Guns, butter, firestarter

This was bound to happen since Reface emerged. Bojan Požar could finally and literally become “the firestarter, twisted firestarter”. The app, sadly, does a so-so job. It’s still a cool story bro tho.

To return to the guns vs. butter debate, which rages these days. Firestarter track is from The Prodigy’s 1997 album The Fat Of The Land, which has an adapted Göring quote on the fold-out booklet: “Steel? We have no butter, but I ask you – Would you rather have butter or guns? Shall we import lard or steel? Let me tell you, preparedness makes us powerful… Butter merely makes us fat. Lard?”

Naci punk afera from 1981, anyone? Band’s composer Liam Howlett had this to say about the quote: “You can imagine what the press have been like, ’Oh the Prodigy are Nazis…’ All this crap, you know. To simply answer that question: yes, the quote is a Nazi quote and no, we’re not Nazis. Obviously we’ve got two black guys in the band. So to even suggest that is totally brainless anyway. To be honest, that quote is like me using a sample. I look upon that quote as like a sample. I take it out of its original context, put it in my own context and it means something completely different. I look at that quote and that’s like a b-boy quote. That’s like someone out of a hip-hop scene could have said that.”

The funny thing is: it would be exactly someone like Bojan Požar to accuse them of being Nazis.

So what we need are new words, notions, concepts. Yes, even for Janez Janša.

P. S. Požar je, frankly, bolj shitstirring špeckahla kot karkoli drugega, vendar je njegova niša ravno v tem, da t. i. #MSM dejansko so pristranski in se ne lotevajo zadev, ki se jih v skladu z lastno formo loteva sam.

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