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Mi smo univerza prepeva

Christopher Lasch (The Culture of Narcissism) o razlogih za neuspeh protestov proti vietnamski vojni leta 1967: “The delusion that the street theater represented the newest form of guerilla warfare helped to ward off an uneasy realisation that it represented no more than a form of self-promotion, by means of which the media stars of the left brought themselves to national attention with its concomitant rewards. One exponent of ‘guerilla theater’, after exhorting his followers to live by their wits, quickly explained that ‘to live by your wits is not to imitate the hustler who is low-class capitalist, but rather the Latin American guerilla who is low-class socialist’.”

Zaklonišče prepeva – Žitije Miće Muriquija

Zaklonišče prepeva – Odoh majko u rokere

Zaklonišče prepeva – Hasan iz azila

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