Darilo za dan kulture: incest

Daddy Serge, Charlotte, kingdom size bed, Chopin.

Klaus Kinski in his autobiography overidentified with Aguirre, der Zorn Gottes (or has Aguirre overidentified with him?), i.e. his speech at the end where monkey business makes the world go round:
“I, the Wrath of God

will marry my own daughter

and with her I will found

the purest dynasty

the earth has ever seen.”

Kingski. It shows in his daughter’s filmography according to wikipedia:

1) In Così come sei a girl (Nastassja Kinski) falls in love with a man (Marcello Mastroianni) who may be her father.

2) In Cat People Paul Gallier (Malcolm McDowell) wants to sleep with his sister Irena (Nastassja Kinski) in order not to transform into a leopard, their family being of werecat heritage.

3) Little Boy Blue features what at first appears to be a non-consensual incestuous relationship between a mother Kate (Nastassja Kinski) and her son Jimmy (Ryan Phillipe).

And then there’s king of the hill.

Frank and Nancy Sinatra – Somethin’ Stupid

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